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Meme | Strengths and Weaknesses

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't made any icons in awhile since I've been busy IRL, but I plan to make another post soon before I go back to school.

With that said, I would appreciate to hear your feedback, critiques, or pointers to help me improve on my icons at this meme. <3 It would help give me some inspiration for my next post.

strengths & weaknesses
an icon meme

Thank you very much! I will read all your critiques carefully.

♥ Apri
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Hello fairycoma! I apologize for my absence--- I was away at college and now I'm back home for the summer. ^^ Since I study design and media arts in school, I've been working with large images and such. So I must say that my icon skills are a little rusty... I'm not used to working on a such a small scale anymore. They are still light texture and color-blinding happy though. Will have to try more muted/softer icons next time.

I am currently searching for new affiliates for fairycoma! If you have an active journal community, I would love to affiliate! Please post here or click on "Affiliates" on the main page if you want to.

I also just joined tumblr yesterday! It's going to be my public blog for photo posts and such. There isn't much on there yet, but if you're into tumblr and whatnot... feel free to follow @ april-anne.tumblr.com if you like. If you have one, I would also love to check it out!

Other than that, enjoy the icons! And how is your summer/winter going?

Aladdin 10
Beauty and the Beast 3
Cinderella 1
The Little Mermaid 1
Pocahontas 6
Sleeping Beauty 5
Snow White 1
Katanagatari 4
K-On! 11
Kobato 8
Video Games
Final Fantasy VII 4
Final Fantasy X/X-2 4
Harvest Moon: ToT/AP 5
Harvest Moon: STH/HoLV 1
Okami 6
Tekken 4
Total: 74

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Yesterday was fairycoma's first birthday! Happy Birthday fairycoma! I apologize for being MIA for the past couple of months. I just went through my first quarter as a freshman college student, so things have been really busy and stressful! (Also I no longer have my computer and have to work on my laptop, so I apologize if my future icons seem lower in quality.) However, I wanted to thank everyone for the support and love. Thank you for continuing to watch. ♥

I'll be going back to school in a few days, but I do plan to bring more icons this year! I would like to do something special for this month for fairycoma's birthday, so please stay tune. (:

Also have a happy new year everyone! 2010 is going to be an amazing year! ♥

with love,
Apri ♥
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Shareable Spam Requests || Part 1 ||

Hello everyone! It's been awhile. So what I have for you today is PART 1 of the shareable-quickie-image-spam requests from my last entry. I apologize for taking so long. The past month has been a really difficult one for me and even now I cannot go online as often since I do not have my own internet as of now. But I'm trying my hardest to get your requests done and as soon as possible. If you do not see your icons here, you will receive yours soon in Part 2!

Btw, what do you think of my coloring of Sailor Jupiter? I haven't done any coloring since my last community. I know I'm not good, but I quite like this one. I don't know how to color hair. Does anybody have any tips on coloring hair?

Now I leave you with the icons. Under this post are icons of all different fandoms and subjects. And they are all shareable! So enjoy and I hope you like them too. 8D

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Boys boys boys! We love them! || Requests ||

I've been having an icon block lately, so I figured it was a good time to open quick requests. You might help me get my creative juicies flowing again. ♥ Btw, do you like my Sailor Moon banner? I'm still quite in my Sailor Moon phase. Rei has the best swimsuit in my opinion (and I'm not trying to be biased)!


Request are UNLIMITED. You can give me as many images as you want. Spam me if you like. I will take as many as possible until I feel that I'm overloaded.
Since I do not have a form, you can directly post your images in the comments. All comments will be screened so you can post large images. Although if they are too large, just post the links.
All icons will be posted in my next icon post.
Since I am taking unlimited requests, all icons will be SHAREABLE.

Simple rules, right? If you have any comments or questions, comment here and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Have fun everybody and thank you!

♥ with love,
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|| 006 ||

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. ♥ Today I have a BUNCH of icons for you. A lot of them are quite, so be warned! :3 I also did more stock and fasion editorial icons this time around as well. Enjoy my lovelies! Don't forget to leave a comment, beacause I would very much appreciate to hear how you like this batch.

One last thing! I just joined flickr this week. If you are a member or a watcher of this community, I would love to add you as a contact! I want to see the lovely things you post as well. Here is the link to mine:


The Aristocats 4
Beauty and the Beast 5
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 4
Earl and Fairy 8
Kobato 7
Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann 7
Toradora! 4
Animals 2
Shoes 4
Fashion Editorials
Flair 3
Harpers Bazaar 2
Lula 3
Misc 2
Total: 55

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|| 005 ||

A very small batch of icons this time, mostly duplicates. I haven't been inspired lately and the end of the school year has really tired me out so it's been difficult to make icons. I'm sorry there is not much variety, but please enjoy if you like them.

The Little Mermaid 8
Cinderella 3
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 4
Neon Genesis Evangelion 3
Video Game
Okami 3
Total: 26

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Thank you for 50 watchers!

Thank you for all your support! ♥ I've never reached 50 watchers on my own before, so this simply wonderful. <3 Thank you once again lovelies!

I am also still searching for affiliates! I am looking for active icon communities that are similar in skill with mine. To affiliate, please comment here at the affiliates page.

I might open for requests in a couple of weeks. I'll be done with highschool, so I'll have some free time on my hands! ♥

The fairycoma's profile has been changed a little. The colors now match the layout.

always with love ♥,
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|| 004 ||

Whew. This batch was tough! A lot of these icons were difficult to make, so there are a couple of variations. Some I got lazy on, heh.

Anyways, I am currently searching for affiliates! If you would like to be an affiliate with fairycoma, please comment on the affiliates page to do so. I am looking for active icon communities that are similar in skill (sort of :P).

Thanks, loves!

Beauty and the Beast 2
Cinderella 2
Sleeping Beauty 2
Snow White 2
The Little Mermaid 2
Full Moon wo Sagashite 6
Kobato 5
Princess Tutu 3
Toradora 2
xxxHolic 4
Olivia Lufkin 7
Total: 37

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#oo1. Credit fairycoma or planetarian.
#oo2. Do not claim my icons as your own, direct link, or edit my icons. Textless are not bases.
#oo3. My icons are for Livejournal only unless stated otherwise.
#oo4. Comments are love! I love hearing your feedback. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! I enjoy answering back to your comments.
#oo5. Watch/Join the community?